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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Continuing Continuous-Line Blind Contours

YOWZA. I love these continuous-line, blind contours! I've been sketching in my newest sketchbook (just begun 2 days ago) primarily with the aforementioned style. I dig the movement and energy you can get from them...they will be sold in my show (coming up soon! END of July) for a nominal fee.

**DISCLAIMER: I swear that I tried to flip the first image clockwise so that it would be "right side up" but it just will NOT post as such! FRUSTRATING for you and for ME.


  1. These are wild good.
    In my opinion, the best yet.

  2. Thanks, guys! I love the support! It's funny because this style feels really natural and easy for me--and it's only been a sketchbook thing. I'll post the beginning stage of a formal painting I'm working on too! Stay tuned, folks!