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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My dear friend, LaurenWhitney, traveled the 2456 miles from NJ to MT to visit me a week ago. During that time, we had a chance to do a bit of plein air painting in this gorgeous land from which I hail.

Check-check-check 'em out below...

Lauren's shoes in the grass--I made them red instead of off-white to give them some sass.
We kayaked to an island on Flathead Lake, painting supplies in tow, and sketched out this area next to Somers, MT.

A church in Babb, MT --just outside of Glacier National Park.

...also in Babb, MT (across the street from the church).
Stay tuned for some more posts, folks. I've been drawing and sketching and painting up a storm lately and daily and have oodles to show ya'll.

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