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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sunny Sunday with no sundaes :(

These guys were done YESTERDAY. These are blind continuous line contours (not looking at the paper, just focusing on the subject while the drawing utensil moves on the page) drawn of my two pals, Rustin and Alex, and then painted with watercolor. We were at central park for a sun-bathing, picnic-y gathering of sorts. It was lovely. I really enjoy blind contour drawing...I think that it helps to capture something that is lost when the artist looks down at the page, then back up at the subject, then back down on the page--almost as though a connection with the subject itself is lost or diminished when one is NOT doing blind contour; blind contour creates an intimacy between subject and artist in a very raw, raw, raw sense...
Oh! Trusty travel watercolor set. :)

I was VERY close to buying ice cream know, since it's just so befitting on a day like today. S'pose you'd have to have been in New York City to know exactly what i mean...more specifically in Park Slope/Prospect Park area.
"Everyone is so happy today. The weather is perfect," said a woman to her friend, as I sat nearby eavesdropping. So true.
Still need to add more value, but it was a REALLY bright day out today, so this is surprisingly close to what it actually was.

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