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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Springin up

Spring is in the air...and I've been greatly affected. I can't sleep or eat. I just want to make art. Horrible. Had some people standing behind me watching me paint, commenting on what I was doing (never directly to me, because they acted like I wasn't able to hear them) while I did this quick watercolor sketch of my apartment block.

This was sketched quickly on site and painted later can tell that the colors and value are distorted because I didn't have any reference (no pictures, no IN PERSON visual) and had to depend on my imagination and memory....and my memory is NOT dependable.

This is the very beginning of a collage I'm doing for David's band's new album...I mean, if they choose or want to use it. Otherwise, it's the very beginning of a collage that I'll frame for my new apartment. The instruments aren't glued down yet because I'm still trying to figure out where they'll go and what kind of musicians I'll make to hold them. Nothing at all is final. Details haven't been put on, so this is VERY VERY RAW.

...more blind contours and a painting that I'm thinking about throwing away...anyone want it?

1 comment:

  1. if you don't want the old woman, I will take her. She doesn't deserve the trash can.