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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mmmmm just stuff

I swear to god that one day I will have enough time to make pieces that please me just FOR me. But until that moment I'll just have to sketch when I get a chance. Thank god that i'm no longer an art education major...gone are those days of yearning for more art in my life--hello, painting major! FINALLY i will have a chance to stretch out in my own studio and PAINT, PAINT, PAINT.
I'm counting down the days...

1) This was a quick self-portrait done on a chalk board. I was procrastinating and instead of doing my REAL homework, I just doodled. Sigh.

2) This was a VERY drunk drawing. Zany.

3) Here are some of my little 5X7 (if that) sketchbook that I carry everywhere...
-a quick study of my dad's living room (step mom watching tv)
-strawberry study using crayola crayons using only primary colors-red, yellow, blue (a LOT harder to accomplish than you think)
-looking down, waiting for the subway train to come

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