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Friday, February 19, 2010

A whole lotta art going on!

I've been using this little travel watercolor set a LOT lately--whether it's taking it to a coffee shop to sketch some people on the sly or to do studies of artists that I'm diggin at the moment. I'm actually going to take the next step and, gasp, buy myself some tubes of watercolor! Big, big, big step for me. I love the easy clean-up quickness of watercolor...they're your little go-to pals when you get the urge to create but haven't the time to actually set up oils, worry about ventilation, clean-up, etc. These guys scream "ooh oooh! Use me! Let me dry out! Leave me in your paintbrushes! Keep your water out! Nothing will be ruined!" Oh my little watercolor friends. :)

*The guy sitting in the chair was a SUPER QUICK sketch from a place called the Tea Lounge. It is SO difficult to paint people, strangers I might add, in PUBLIC without them noticing. You'd THINK that people would be wonderfully complimented that you'd choose them as subjects to paint, but there are so many creepy people in New York City that they just get turned off by your stares (as un-creepy as you try to make them).

*The naked woman...can you tell? I borrowed a Klimt book from a friend and it had a few of his sketches in it. I took one of his sketches, altered it a bit, added paint and voila'! It's now my own :)

*I'm still working on the double-portrait of the two kids, girl and boy. Those chil'en are one set of kids that I regularly "child watch"--I am no longer 12 years old so I do not "baby sit." The one on the left is the boy, Cassius, with long curly golden locks. The girl, Anastasia, is precious, too. I need to add a bit more value to their faces to make them a little less, how do you say--flat.
I was telling my friend that I should be a children's book illustrator. Look how cutesy and angelic these kids look! Aww. Or maybe just a portrait artist? Everyone loves cherubic portraits. Well, a lot of people do...

More to come, ya'll!

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