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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Slowly but surely...

So, I've been doodling, scratching, sketching, painting, collaging...and here's a bit of my sketchbook stuff. I can't wait until I have the time to do a FULL final piece --like I could in the good ol' days. I suppose, until that moment arises, I'll continue with this. I'm still trying to "understand" watercolors (aquarelle), so a lot of experimentation and mistakes are on this blog. I like that, though. I like the idea of showing my raw vulnerability.
The sketchy figures are oil, painted from reference drawings I had done in a life study course. The baby was done in watercolor, after a picture I had taken of my Guatemalan "tio" holding his niece. The figures seated, pen and watercolor, was done over by the Brooklyn Bridge....AND....the girl and boy was done in watercolor after a photo I had taken of two "well-to-do" --well, as much as you can say for a VERY impoverished region--children in Guatemala. This was a toughie for me because I had an accident with the girls hair, putting a stroke TOO close to her face (where the paper was wet) so the pigment bled all over her face, which I attempted to fix by lifting the pigment from the paper the very best I could...but no such luck. I am proud of the boy, though. :)

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